Custom made NUTT for KIM

Somertimes a garment's journey goes a little deeper. Like Kim's precious jeans. She wanted so badly to give 'her jeans' a new life. We understand that, and created a unique NUTT with love. Especially for Kim. Yup, custom made. 

Kim: "The denim fabric used in these jeans comes from an old Levis jeans that had already traveled a long way. I got it from a friend from Sweden. He has the pants somewhere in a 'Loppis' (second-hand store ) found it. So it is no longer second-hand, but I think it is already four-hand, and it is still a great piece of clothing. In my life, jeans have become even more precious to me and I think it's special that NUTT Amsterdam is giving them a new lease of life, to a piece of clothing that is so meaningful to me."

Do you also have a precious piece of clothing that you no longer wear, but which is also too close to your heart? We listen to your story and passionately give your beloved piece of clothing an authentic, new look.

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