Attention in The Hague for the 169 million kilos of residual textile waste!

Today, September 5, is Sustainable Tuesday and, together with clothing collector Sympany Foundation, we are calling on politicians in The Hague to do more work on the enormous mountain of clothing that is still going into the incinerators. We did this by offering Member of Parliament Kiki Hagen a unique NUTT Blazer, which, like all blazers, is made entirely from discarded clothing. With this special 'blazer 169 kilos' we want to show how valuable discarded textiles still are and we call on people to combat this enormous waste.

Because every year, 169 million textiles are thrown into the residual waste in the Netherlands. That is more than half (55%) of all textiles that are discarded. To give you an idea: that is more than 24,000 truck loads. while this textile can be reused or recycled very easily.

Kiki Hagen is the driving force behind the circular textile economy within the House of Representatives. Through her input (initiative memorandum, motions), she has been an important link in the development of the new sustainability legislation for fashion companies.

Kiki, thank you for your time and keep on spreading the word in the House of Representatives! Together we can make a difference. Will you join us too?


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